Cultural Narrative

Acknowledgement of the rangitiria kaitiakitanga of the tangata whenua over the takiwā within which we work is of great value to our team. Working within the Te Aranga design principles we strive to follow appropriate engagement within our projects.

In the past we have engaged with working groups, cultural advisors alongside cultural narratives, Rūnanga and Hapū representatives, and collaboration with tangata whenua artists. We appreciate the opportunity to develop a relationship of trust with those we work with, as they allow us to assist in the transformation of their taonga of knowledge and stories into physical manifestations. Where we are not working directly for Iwi, Rūnanga or Hapū we work alongside our clients to develop or support a relationship with the tangata whenua.

Through the guidance and development of relationships with tangata whenua our designs work to honour the whakapapa of the landscapes we work within while providing spaces which facilitate the continuation of cultural practices. We enjoy the opportunity to explore the implementation of traditional technics and forms of story telling using modern technology to create vibrant and expressive landscapes.


Some of the projects in which values of Te Ao Māori are key drivers include:

  • Commercial projects
  • Subdivisions and land development
  • Schools and educational facilities
  • Revegetation projects
  • Community spaces